The Fudoo Routes Archive

Welcome to the routes section of the site.

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At the moment most of the routes are taken from Chris Scott's definitive guide to exploring Morocco, Morocco Overland (you can now even get it on a kindle, whatever that is!). We can't recommend this book highly enough and it should be the first book on anyones list if they are thinking of exploring Morocco, even if they don't intent getting off-road. Chris is just about to release the next edition and we will be definitely be getting it.

If you're going on two wheels you should also add one of Chris's other books to your must buy list, the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook. The sixth edition of this encyclopedia of two-wheel adventure touring is released on the 22nd of October 2012 and I know two fudoo members who have it on pre-order and are looking forward to the thump on the carpet as it drops through the door.

The route details we provide does'nt give anywhere near the full detail, you need the book for that! The info we include for each route is a full GPX trail, if we have done it or not, what we thought of the route and if it's changed from the current edition. Many of the routes are being graded (turned into proper roads) and we will inlcude any our experience of this in our blurb.

We will also include some of our own routes in Morocco, along with other things like routes through Spain from the north coast ferry ports.

Some of us are also planning a motorcycle trip to Mongolia and we will be adding some of our proposed routes before the off, updating with the real thing when we come back.