Photos from the 2013 Adventure

We use Picasa to host all our pictures, click on any thumbnail below to link to the full Picasa gallery.

05 May 2013 - Bike and D3 cross over to Tangier Med Port then on the Chef
06 May 2013 - Chef to part way along the Cirque de Jaffar piste
07 May 2013 - Cirque de Jaffar to Tinerhir, via Todra Gorge
08 May 2013 - Bike and D3 split. Bikes to Zagora via MS1 piste. D3 back to Agoudal to meet up with the others
09 May 2013 - Bikes: Zagora to high wild camp overlooking Mt Toubkal - 4x4s: Dades gorge piste to camp site at the bottom.
10 May 2013 - Bikes: High wild camp to Foum-Zguid (V HOT) - 4x4s: Dades camp site to Zagora camp site via MH4 piste
11 May 2013 - Bikes: Foum-Zguid to desert wild camp over MA6 (so hot I nearly died) - 4x4s Zagora camp site to desert wild camp
12 May 2013 - Bikes: MA6 wild camp to Icht camp site - 4x4s: Desert camp site to Icht camp site
13 May 2013 - Bikes: Icht camp site to old Legion fort - 4x4s: Icht camp site to old Legion fort (awe FUDOO friends!)
14 May 2013 - Bikes & 4x4s: piste along the mouth of the Draa and along the Atlantic headland to Plage Blanche beach wild camp
15 May 2013 - Bikes & 4x4s: run along Plage Blanche then road to Tafraoute camp site
16 May 2013 - Bikes & Hilary: Tafraoute to Marrakech camp site - Shackleton & D3: Tafraoute to Essaouira
17 May 2013 - Bikes: Marrakech to Cascades d'Ouzoud then on to wild camp. Hilary: Epic run to the ferry (Bilbao!) 4x4s: Essaouira chill out sessions
18 May 2013 - Bikes: Epic 400 mile run through rain, clouds, sleet, the highly dodgy Rif and the pitch black, hitting Chef after 11. We didn't cry though. 4x4s: Still living it up while we dodged death.
19 May 2013 - All: Head for Tangier Med and the ferry back to Spain