Morocco 2013


This years expedition began on the 3rd of May with Jon and Evan departing Portsmouth for Santander, with a packed Disco 3 and a two bike trailer. The sailing was so calm it was difficult to remember you were actually at sea. They arrived in Spain on the 4th of May, around 16:00, and embarked on a pretty much non stop 1000km drive due south. While they were cruising through Spain Woody began his journey out with a late evening flight to Malaga.

The D3 rolled into Torremolinos just after 5am and met up with Woody at the McDonalds near his campsite for breakfast.

Once the sun was fully up and the MaccyD coffee had done it's job, Woody was bundled in the back of the D3 and our heroes were off to the plush apartment complex where we were leaving the bike trailer with our kind D3 friend. The bikes were removed from the trailer and bike gear was changed into. With the trailer now safely stowed in its temporary garage home we were off to our favourite ferry ticket man (Carlos) to procure tickets for the Moroccan ferry.

Ferry tickets were purchased with the usual efficiency of Carlos and his team, we were gifted with the now customary dodgy bubbly and cake and we were on our way to the port.

The transit through the port was pretty painless and with a minimal amount of hanging around we were on our way. The crossing was pretty smooth (compared to last year!) and before we knew it we were disembarking and heading through customs. For once this was a pretty quick and painless experience for our biker heroes, as they are gizzled old hands at this process, but sadly for our newbie, Jon, this did involve a bit of wandering around until the right people with right rubber stamp had seen his paperwork. Once Jon cleared we were out of the port and heading for Chef at 12:30 local time.

The rest of the adventure has been divided into each of the days we were in country. Use the links on the left to read and see where we went and what we got up to.

The Bikers Tour Overview

Total Distance: 2,555 miles

Max Elevation: 8,733 ft

Elapsed Time: 13 days 10:30

Full Bike Tour Trail