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Definitions of FUDOO

FUDOO (noun) 1 a group of like-minded individuals who seek purity and pleasure from the desert. 2 a group of reckless simpletons who fail to understand the dangers involved in desert travel.

Fudooism (noun) the cult based on the belief in the holy orders of desert exploration.

Fudooette (noun) 1 a female follower in the doctrines of Fudooism. 2 (noun) a female traveller included to gain authority for financial expenditure

Fudooed (adj) 1 to have been indoctrinated in the obsessive doctrines of FUDOO, believing in or based on these. 2 (verb) ... 'to have been Fudooed' to be excessively talked at on overland travel subjects to the point of boredom.

Fudooist (adj) a serial loner who spends excessive time on the internet seeking the nirvana of overland travel and bling 4x4 equipment, whilst wistfully dreaming of grand adventures.

Fudoo child (noun) child of a Fudooist and a cheap word play on one of Hendrix finest compositions.

Fudd (noun) 1 a male follower in the doctrines of Fudooism 2 (interjection) the noise of an expensive mechanical breakdown.

In deep fudoo (adj) the description of being lost in the desert, ill prepared and with insufficient mechanical knowledge to rectify the simplest of mechanical breakdowns. 'we are seriously in deep Fudoo...'

Fudoovagen (noun) the description given to the overly elaboratley prepared vehicle of a Fudooist. Usually unreliable, this mode of transport suffers from excessive overloading with ineffective and expensive accessories.